HCG EKO Cancer Centre launches cancer OPD services at Mediversal Multi Super Speciality Hospital, Patna

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Patna: HCG EKO Cancer Centre Kolkata has launched its OPD services for Head and Neck cancer and Nuclear Medicine at Mediversal Multi Super Speciality Hospital in Patna. The OPD is operational from June 10 between 10 am to 12 pm.

Patients can visit the center for consultation with Dr. Rajeev Sharan, HOD & Sr. Consultant, Head and Neck Cancer and Thyroid Surgery who will be available on second Friday of the month and Dr. Ganesh Kumar M, Nuclear Medicine Consultant, who will be available on every fourth Saturday of the month.

Arnab S Raha, Chief Operating Officer, HCG EKO Cancer Centre, Kolkata said, “Through this launch, we aim to make tertiary healthcare services accessible to all. The idea is to ensure that patients suffering from cancer receive the right consultation and treatment, guidance, and high-end care from the experts at the right time.”

Arnab S Raha said, “Residents of Bihar will also be benefitted in terms of reduction in travel time and expert opinion due to the availability of specialist doctors in the city.”

Dr. Rajeev Sharan said, “We always emphasize early detection of the disease as these cancer patients will have single modality treatment, have better chances of survival and very good quality of life. This OPD is going to be a valuable addition to the healthcare facilities of Patna by providing world-class treatment solutions to patients in the city right at their doorsteps.”

Dr. Sharan said, “All surgeries will be conducted at HCG EKO Cancer Centre while the pre and post-operative care will be provided at the Mediversal Multi Super Speciality Hospital along with consultation and medical advice to patients.”

With the launch of this patient-centric initiative, the hospitals aims to empower patients with accessibility to quality healthcare services.

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