AUK Lifecare Private Limited launches TESTOXEED in Kolkata market

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Kolkata: AUK Lifecare Pvt. Ltd., a Kolkata based pharmaceutical and food supplement company focused on producing supplements that improves one’s health without any side effects has introduced a new testosterone booster, TESTOXEED in the Kolkata market. TESTOXEED, a clinically tested product is a first-of-its kind booster to have a unique blend of high-quality minerals and vitamins essential for a wide range of functioning, from mood to muscle development and overall strength of a male health.

The booster capsules contain the nutrition of 5 powerful combinations including Vitamin B6, Magnesium Bisglycinate, Zinc, Boron and Vitamin K2 that stimulates hormone production in the body resulting in the increase of testosterones levels, strengthens muscle mass, build lean muscle and sharpens the training performance.

The USP of the product lies in the unique selection of the ingredients used in this product to help boost testosterone levels in a male body and plays respective roles in the development of overall muscle growth, higher stamina, libido performance and robust immune system. Each TESTOXEED capsule has 6mg of Boron that surges the bioavailability of hormones and vitamin D, increasing their testosterone-boosting benefits.

It also acts as one of the strongest anti-inflammatory minerals that increases erythrocyte superoxide dismutase (SOD), the enzyme in defensive system that fights oxidative stress along with calcium absorption and optimisation of vitamin D. 450 mg of Magnesium Bisglycinate, on the other hand works as muscle relaxant, stabilizes mood, helps in glycolysis and is also essential for energy production. The other ingredients like Vitamin K2 (50mcg) contributes to skin health, bone metabolism, promotes proper brain function and prevents one from heart-related diseases. Whereas Zinc (10mg) helps boost the immune system, provides strength for the workouts strong and lets muscles repair from exercise.

Commenting on the launch, Kunal Khandelwal, Director of AUK Lifecare Private Limited said, “This new product launch is a result of an extensive market research to understand insights of consumers experiencing deficiency of adequate minerals and are in constant search for better quality products. Through this launch, our endeavour is to provide such consumers with a product that caters their need in the best way possible by just not improving the sexual health but the overall health. Keeping the consumers well-being in mind, each capsule has been carefully formulated in order to provide you with the five active ingredients needed to naturally and effectively boost the testosterone levels and upgrade the nutrient profile for muscle gain and benefits the vigorous health. TESTOXEED is a perfect mix of unique formulation of minerals and vitamins including like Magnesium, Boron and Vitamin K2(Mk7), B6 which is relatively more bio-available and effective than the products already available in the market. Being the first brand to come up with this unique formulation, we hope to receive an encouraging response and acceptance from consumers.”

The exceptional formula of TESTOXEED is available in the form of capsules in a container of 30 pieces priced at Rs 2999 in all leading medical shops of Kolkata. The product is also available online on Flipkart.

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