SwitchON Foundation, Calcutta Tram Users Association celebrate World Environment Day

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Kolkata: SwitchON Foundation along with Calcutta Tram Users Association (CTUA) and different Cycle Groups organized an environment-awareness event to mark the World Environment Day in the city.

Several bicyclists, school students, volunteers and Sustainable Mobility enthusiasts participated with Posters and Banners at the Esplanade Tram Depot to celebrate the day, highlighting the need to live sustainably in harmony with nature by bringing transformative changes through policies and choices.

Rajanvir Singh Kapur, MD, WBTC, said, “We are transforming the transport system in Kolkata. We have trams which are electric and eco-friendly and very soon we will have electric ferries. I can assure you the government is working in the right direction.”

Vinay Jaju, MD, SwitchON Foundation said, “Vehicles are the biggest cause of pollution in Kolkata, this pollution is choking our children and elderly. We need to embrace clean and people-friendly ways to commute like cycle and trams.”

Vinay Jaju said, “Air Pollution & Climate change is adversely impacting us all. We all, people, businesses, and the government need to come together to preserve and protect planet earth.”

CTUA spokesperson Mahadeb Shi said, “What is needed is investment in modernisation of tramways by changing the old coaches, making them fast moving and restoring the original network of tram lines and ensuring consistent.”

Transport emissions have been the biggest source of global warming and one of the biggest sources of air pollution in the city, however by altering our behavior, we can choose modes of transport that emit less greenhouse gasses and are clean modes of transport.

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