Indian Railways Tourist Train Ula Rail announces first ever Boarding from Kolkata

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Kolkata: Indian Railways-Ula Rail, the most successful Bharat Gaurav Train from the Ministry of Railways, has announced that it will have boarding from Kolkata for the first time this year. The train is scheduled to depart from Kolkata, allowing tourists to board the train.

Ula Rail also announced their next departure on 2nd November 2023 as the ‘Diwali Ganga – Setu Snan’ to Puri – Konark – Bhubaneswar – Trichy – Rameswaram – Kanyakumari – Madurai – Prayag – Varanasi – Gaya.

The Ganga Setu Snan is a moment to reconnect with the divine and seek spiritual enlightenment. This unique and profound experience offers devotees and seekers an opportunity to cleanse their souls and rejuvenate their spirits in the sacred waters of the Ganges.

Ula Rail is a special tourist train that is well equipped with variety of amenities, such as 3AC, 2SL Coaches, frameless pantry cars to provide unlimited South Indian food onboard and off-board, dedicated coach managers in every coach, dedicated coach security in every coach.

It also has PA Systems for Entertainment & Announcements, CCTV Cameras, Travel Insurance, Hotels at planned destinations, buses for sightseeing & transfers.

Vignesh G, Product Director – ULA RAIL said, “We invite all devotees, spiritual seekers, and curious souls to join us for the Ganga Setu Snan. Experience the transformative power of the holy Ganges and embrace the blessings it offers.”

Yatris can avail LTC/LFC facility and the Government of India along with Ministry of Railways has given 33% concession for all the Yatris.

This Special Tourist Train of Indian Railways can be booked only on 7667500600 or All Inclusive Ticket Fare: SL (Budget) Rs. 25,400 /- ; SL (Economy) Rs. 27,200 /- ; 3 AC (Standard) Rs. 39,800 /-.

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