This Wedding Season, ITC’s Fabelle Exquisite Chocolates makes gifting impeccable with magnificent Gift Bouquets

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Kolkata: The wedding season is at its peak, and given how lavish, opulent, and full of celebration this time of the year is in India, one looks out for the ideal luxury present. Fabelle Exquisite Chocolates, ITC Ltd.’s premium chocolate brand, is ready to add a magical touch to these celebrations with its exquisite range of gift hampers.

The gift bouquets and chocolate box assortments have been meticulously crafted by Master Chocolatiers and arranged to honour as well as thank the guests for participating in the celebrations of the couple about to embark on a new chapter in their lives together.

Fabelle offers a diverse range of chocolates inspired by unique themes such as Classic Desserts from across the world, Elements inspired by Nature, and many more, resulting in a multi-sensorial experience unlike any other.

The collection brings to life the ultimate luxury chocolate experience, crafted with the world’s finest single origin cacaos, exotic ingredients, and in-house expertise of Fabelle Master Chocolatiers.

Fabelle Bouquets

The Fabelle Signature Bouquet captures the distinctive signature of one’s love. This bouquet of chocolates includes pralines that draw inspiration from nature, truffles inspired by desserts from across the world and much more.

Making for one of the most memorable gifts, Fabelle Prisma Bouquet is a remarkable mix of luxury chocolate bars and boxed chocolates containing Elements, Alchimie, Gianduja, Dessert Collection, Fondue Set among others.

On their wedding day, a royal couple that likes all things royal should also giveaway something lavish and regal to their guests. Fabelle Royale Bouquet adds that majestic touch. It includes chocolate truffles, pralines, and luxury chocolate bars, bunched together in a faux leather basket perfect for gifting.

Celebrating the union of two souls also requires something magnificent. Fabelle Grande Bouquet is an eclectic collection of signature hero products in the most popular hamper of gifting season that makes for the perfect gala present.

Fabelle Alchimie

Fabelle offers one-of-a-kind Fabelle Alchimie –an exotic array of 24K edible gold-infused chocolate pralines that signify the process of creating gold – perfect for the wedding occasion. Each of the five pralines has a unique shell & mousse filling from among milk chocolate, caramel, dark chocolate, ruby chocolate and white chocolate. This exquisitely created assortment of five handcrafted chocolate pralines crafted with gold are perfect for the occasion of marriage where gold is a much-cherished gift since time immemorial.

Consumers across Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad and Mumbai can enjoy these delightful chocolates and customize the bouquets.

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