Lexus India opens “Virtual Dome”, a state-of-the-art Virtual Guest Experience Centre

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Kolkata: Lexus India launches its one-of-a-kind virtual guest experience centre called the “Virtual Dome”, with a focus on reaching its guests, virtually across the country.

Adding on to its current network of guest experience centres in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Chennai, and upcoming one at Kochi along with the Lexus brand spaces called “Meraki” in Gurgaon and soon to open in Coimbatore, the virtual guest experience centre will be hosted on the Lexus India website which will bring the Lexus brand and its offering closer to the discerning luxury consumer located in every part of the country.

Lexus India seeks to magnify its immersive experience through not just physical presence but through diverse digital means & this virtual GEC will be a big step in this direction.

With a vision to create a lifestyle spaces, the concept offers a relaxing & immersive experience for its guests on the virtual sphere. The design surrounds elements that are contemporary, simple yet holistic, conveying a sense of calmness and wonder. The architecture of the virtual guest experience centre denotes an interpretation of the dome, symbolic to Buddhist architecture, creating a serene sense in line with Lexus brand values.

The entrance of the showroom takes the guests through a Tori gate which is a traditional Japanese element that is frequently seen at temple entrances across Japan. The dome further consists of a holistic structure inspired by the Lexus spindle design pattern, with an illustration around heaven and earth coming together. Placed on the back wall is the display that shows the history of Lexus, shedding light on its legacy and rich culture built through the years.

The “Virtual Dome” presents in its space – a zen garden surrounded with water to denote a sense of serenity by bringing the environmental elements and show Lexus’ focus on sustainability for a better tomorrow. One may also find inside, some of the select projects undertaken by the winners of Lexus Design Awards India that were recognized as key contributors for a luxury lifestyle.

With key elements added to make the Virtual Dome a space for inspiration, passion and comfort, the newly launched virtual guest experience centre incorporates ideas in line with the seamless free flowing streak of a Lexus car.

Naveen Soni, President, Lexus India said, “At Lexus India, we believe in curating immersive experiences for our guests. Incorporating ideas of passion and inspiration, we seek to expand our reach and facilities to every person who would like to know more about Lexus across the country. In line with the spirit of Japanese hospitality, otherwise known as Omotenashi, we strive to build and foster relationships that assist and construct delightful experiences through this world class virtual GEC, which is a big step on for Lexus in the digital world.”

The virtual guest experience centre will house an array of models such as the – Lexus NX, ES, LC and LS to begin with, and will provide guests with a complete 3D based experience including an in-depth understanding of each model, its interior, exterior and functionality. Additionally, guests can similarly enquire and place requests for a test drive and eventually book a Lexus car as well through an online mode.

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