Polo Floatel, Calcutta launches exclusive ‘Poila Boishakh Special’ Menu

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Kolkata: Polo Floatel has announced to launch an exclusive Poila Boishakh Special Menu to celebrate Bengali New Year in an exciting way.

With Poila Boishakh around the corner, Polo Floatel is decked up to celebrate with a gala of Bengali dishes at the Hotel beside the river with best view on the Ganges giving the people a whole new experience.

Poila Boishakh Special Menu includes Mangso Keemar Doi Bora, Pata Mora Murgi, Birbhumi Murgir Rosholla, Mangsher Gargara, Saja Mach, Saatviik Suktoni, Rasmalai Cake to name a few.

Soumen Halder, General Manager, Polo Floatel, Calcutta said, “This Poila Boishakh, let’s not only savour the flavours of the lost recipes but also cherish the legacy of Bengali Thakurmas who have preserved our culinary heritage through ages. By reviving these forgotten dishes, we pay homage to the love, dedication, and simplicity of the women who have shaped our culinary traditions and enriched our lives with their timeless recipes.”

Soumen Halder added, “This New Year, our aim is to bring back the old taste and memories of traditional authentic Bengali cuisine which is hardly found nowadays. Let’s come together to celebrate the rich culture and traditions of Bengal with one of the finest heritage beauties in the city-Polo Floatel where we celebrate the festivity being on the tranquility of the holy Ganges.”

With the launch of the Poila Boishakh Special Menu, this Bengali New Year, Polo Floatel is all set to revive the lost taste and forgotten dishes of traditional authentic Bengali cuisine. The special menu will be available from 13-15 April.

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