Durga Puja: Crompton’s ‘Shera Khabar’ redefines the festive flavor in Kolkata

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Kolkata: Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd. spiced up this year’s Durga Puja festival with the debut of its ‘Shera Khabar,’ fine dish cooking competition. The competition added a fun twist to the festive season by providing an opportunity for home chefs to display their culinary talents, participate in friendly rivalry, and compete for amazing prizes.

Recognizing the passion of home chefs in creating mouthwatering dishes for their loved ones, Crompton aimed to be their trusted partner, crafting memorable moments and ensuring that celebrations became even more delightful.

Pragya Bijalwan, CMO, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd., said, “Shera Khabar was an initiative that effortlessly combined the cultural creativity with the festive spirit found in every home especially during such an auspicious occasion like Durga Puja.”

She further added, “Our new mixer grinders are driven by cutting-edge technology, empowering every kitchen with ‘The Secret of Fine Taste.’ With this initiative, we aim to deepen our connections, set higher benchmarks, and become an integral part of our consumers’ festive celebrations this season.”

The ‘Shera Khabar’ competition took place across top societies in Kolkata wherein various home chefs had a designated time to prepare a dish of their choice in their own kitchens. They then presented their creations at a grand Crompton Cooking Setup, where some of Kolkata’s expert chefs evaluated the dishes and declared winners.

The dishes were judged on different factors like the creative use of spices and the presentation of dishes while scores were calculated based on a detailed point-based assessment. The contestant with the highest score earned the title of “Crompton ‘Shera Khabar’ Maker” in their society.

Every participant also received special tokens of appreciation from the brand, such as exclusive coupons on premium products. There were winners each day of the competition & they were honored with Crompton’s latest Mixer Grinders.

Moreover, the brand also provided a hands-on experience with the Crompton Mixer Grinder range, allowing attendees to witness these products in action. Furthermore, the mixers were used to prepare yummy dishes, enabling the audience to relish the results of Crompton’s fine grinding technology while celebrating the occasion of togetherness.

Crompton’s innovative new range of mixers including the DuroRoyal, DuroElite Plus and Boltmix series ensures optimum utilization of energy and is designed for 45 minutes of continuous grinding operations.

The new series comes with durable, stainless steel jars, aesthetically designed with ease of usage due to its Chrome plated knobs and a twin tone handle. Additionally, the product features a Motor Vent-X technology for cooler operation and longer product life, along with MaxiGrind Technology™ with three sharp blades for faster, finer, and smoother grinding.

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