ITC Engage unveils Pocketful O’ Stories 3.0 with Tara Sutaria and Durjoy Datta

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Kolkata: ITC Engage announced the third Season of the brand’s annual property Pocketful O’ Stories to commemorate the ‘unexpected, uninhibited moments’ of love and playful romance that were celebrated across the world during the lockdown.

ITC Engage Pocketful O’ Stories 3.0, published by Penguin Random House India, is curated and co-authored by India’s best selling romance genre writer, Durjoy Datta along with 400 young budding writers who believe in playful romance, from the ITC Engage community. The book is a compilation of crowd sourced micro-tales of love and romance during the lockdown times.

The 3rd edition of the book was launched with brand ambassador and actress Tara Sutaria and author Durjoy Datta. With #RomanceUnlocked as the central theme of the book, the brand has accurately captured the pulse of today’s universe of love.

The digital campaign was launched to salute the spirit of love, by inviting stories around the theme #RomanceUnlocked, of love and romance during the pandemic, via Instagram and Facebook in 400 characters. The campaign garnered 35,000 unique stories. ITC Engage along with Durjoy Datta selected the 400 best micro tales from the entries received. These stories were stitched together to curate the book.

Durjoy Datta said, “I am excited to unveil ITC Engage Pocketful O’ Stories 3.0. The third edition is plugged with extraordinary elements from stories to the launch theme. I am excited to showcase the stories I have penned with ITC Engage in the third round of Engage Pocketful O’ Stories and present the work my co-authors have put together.”

Tara Sutaria said, This book gives us a glimpse of the experiences that some couples, and those looking for love, had during that time and how they kept their romance unlocked and alive. As a lover of love and all that it brings, I am so happy to be associated with Pocketful O’ Stories as it celebrates love stories from all parts of India.”

Sameer Satpathy, Chief Executive, Personal Care Products Business, ITC, said, “The overwhelming response on the campaign crafted in association with one of India’s leading authors Durjoy Dutta, has been a testament to the authenticity of the micro tales and has helped establish storytelling as a foundation in brand Engage’s communication strategy.”

Engage Pocketful O’ Stories 3.0 is available at all leading book stores and online on Amazon and Flipkart.

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