Catering to modern consumers’ healthy lifestyle, Duroflex launches eco-friendly range of sleep solutions under Natural Living

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Kolkata: To cater modern consumer’s healthy lifestyle, sleep solutions brand Duroflex has launched eco-friendly range of mattresses and sleep accessories under ‘Natural Living’.

The brand has introduced mattresses, mattress toppers, pillows and bed linens made entirely of natural materials – 100% Natural Latex, Rubberised Coir, Cotton, Tencel and Ethicot.

The products in this range are crafted from ethically sourced sustainable materials and are produced without any intervention of heavy machinery. The GOLS certified latex used for the production of this range is sourced from the company’s own rubber plantation in Kerala.

The chemical free pure cotton and bamboo fabrics contribute towards one’s health and well-being. These are hypo-allergenic, soft to touch, naturally resilient and highly breathable. The natural coir used in the mattress keeps the person naturally cool.

Because of the use of natural materials, this range is also highly recommended for people with allergies, respiratory disorders, and those who need extra care.

Mohanraj J, CEO, Duroflex, said, “With our Natural Living range, consumers will find everything they need for an eco-friendly and safe sleep space. The mattresses and sleep accessories under the range are made of GOLS certified latex, chemical free pure cotton and bamboo-cotton blend fabrics which contribute towards one’s health and well-being while being eco-friendly.”

The mattresses under Natural Living range comprise four variants – Tatva, Prana, Kaya and Avaasa. The sleep accessories under Natural Living includes – Meha mattress topper, Nidraa Pillows and two types of bed linens under the name Sarrva made from different combinations of natural materials.

The products will be available across the brand website, major e-commerce platforms, retail outlets, as well as the company’s exclusive experience centres.

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