Moj launches #MojArtFactory – the biggest art festival

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Kolkata: Short video app Moj recently launched its first-ever art competition, #MojArtFactory. This uniquely curated property is aimed at empowering art enthusiasts and creators across the nation to showcase their talent.

#MojArtFactory comprises of four challenges – MakeOverArt, FusionArt, EmotionInArt, ColourSwitch, and one art battle – TheArtBattle, offering creators a chance to participate in and entertain their audiences through interesting artistic content while keeping up the offbeat art alive.

Throughout the campaign, different art and crafts, from around the country, will be hosted on Moj, providing a visual treat to users. Artists can create classic, traditional, modern, and fusion art using different forms and styles.

Creators can dabble with different art forms like painting, sketching, Mandala sculpting, carving, DIY art, home decor, needlework, papercraft, etc, and participate in the challenges that suit their art.

Under MakeOverArt, creators can give a makeover and enhance any existing object. Under FusionArt, creators can combine two artforms and make their own vision. They can reflect any strong emotion through art under EmotionInArt. Transition videos from black and white to coloured will fall under ColourSwitch, and the most unique and offbeat art forms will qualify under TheArtBattle.

The challenges will enable artists to educate their audience on different art forms that can be created with readily available materials. Each challenge will remain live for a duration of 10 days with weekly winner announcements. At the end of the Art battle, 3 mega winners will be announced.

Shashank Shekhar, Sr. Director, Content Strategy and Operations Moj, said, “We are thrilled to launch our first-ever campaign dedicated to art and artists on Moj. Through #MojArtFactory, we aim to discover budding and talented artists across different regions and art forms of India.”

Shashank Shekhar said, “We want to create an inclusive platform for Indian artists to excel by reaching the right set of audiences that appreciate their talent no matter which part of the country they are from. We are sure to see some unique and authentic art during our campaign that will represent both contemporary and traditional Indian artists.”

The 60 days challenge, which commenced on 11th July, will conclude on 10th September and will announce weekly winners and three mega winners who will get a chance to win hampers worth INR 2 Lakhs.

If you are an art enthusiast, art lover, or indulge in art professionally, it is your time to shine on with #MojArtFactory. Join the app and enroll under Moj For Creators program to kick-start your creator journey.

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