Saffola’s print creative highlights the importance of committing to a healthy lifestyle every day

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Kolkata: Saffola’s latest print ad campaign jolted readers from their usual morning routine with an oil-stained front page of multiple newspapers, across the country.

With their consistent efforts Saffola continues to inspire individuals with the conversation initiated on the last ‘World Heart Day’ – promoting good heart health and a healthy lifestyle by taking #RozKaHealthyStep.

Designed to serve as a wake-up call to emphasize the fact that health is not built in a single day, the front-page creative features a striking image of a handful of pakoras (fritters), lined with oil stains, placed over the news, and talks about going beyond just World Health Day to building consistency by taking #RozKaHealthyStep for better health and well-being.

The intention was to evoke a familiar memory shared by many: the guilty pleasure of indulging in street-side bhajiyas served on a newspaper.

This imagery serves to drive the message on how easily resolutions to eat healthy on World Health Day and similar occasions are forgotten as we go back to unhealthy food habits soon after.

Therefore, instead of solely focusing on specific occasions or events, it aims to encourage individuals to prioritize cultivating healthy habits every day. The message struck a chord with the readers, starting interesting conversations across social media platforms.

Somasree Bose Awasthi, Chief Marketing Officer, Marico Limited said, “Following through on health resolutions can be very challenging. Our goal is to help the consumer walk this journey of building a consistently healthy lifestyle, every day. We took the unusual route of taking the message live after World Health Day, instead of on the day, catching readers in the moment and reminding them of how resolutions made on key occasions are forgotten soon after.”

Somasree Bose Awasthi added, “By reaching our valued consumers where they are highly engaged and reminding them to choose Roz Ka Healthy Step every day, we are committed to ensuring they don’t fall off the health-wagon.”

The brand is committed to continuing this conversation, using various mediums and platforms through the year with the aim to raise awareness and guide consumers in adopting simple, everyday habits for a healthier lifestyle.

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