Reckitt led TBBT Programme celebrates World Sexual Health Day

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Guwahati: Reckitt led The Birds and Bees Talk programme (TBBT), celebrated World Sexual Health Day in the states of North-East India-across Manipur, Meghalaya, Sikkim and Nagaland.

The initiative, supported by Reckitt and Plan India, organized workshops to increase outreach amongst tribal communities, self-help groups and youth to raise awareness around growing up life skills.

The workshops were in tandem with this year’s theme “Let’s talk pleasure”, to recognize the role of sexual pleasure in overall health and well-being. On World Sexual Health Day, WHO celebrates “Every Person’s Right to Sexual Wellbeing” to ignite awareness of sexual health and rights and enforce them.

On World Sexual Health Day 2022, TBBT aims to enable all people achieve good health and well-being by tailoring normative guidance and national programming that is inclusive of people with diverse sexual orientations and gender identities, people living with HIV, and with disabilities.

The workshop in Manipur was attended by participants from 12 Tribal communities along with representatives from local youth clubs. The Meghalaya workshop was done with community residents, PTA groups, Local Youth groups and rural communities.

The workshops were organised to bring communities together to promote good health and well-being. The workshop in Sikkim also included the distribution of re-usable sanitary pads to self-help groups.

The workshop in Nagaland was supported by Lifeconnect, a prominent organisation which has been working with destitute women and their children to support and rehabilitate them in society for over 2 decades.

Ravi Bhatnagar, Director External Affairs and Partnerships SOA, Reckitt said, “Durex The Birds and Bees Talk has been working with youth, adolescents, teachers and parents to bring down the social and cultural taboos associated with growing up life skills. Through these workshops across North East, we aim to raise awareness and promote positive conversations around growing up among adolescents and youth. With the key pillars of equity, consent, awareness, protection and Inclusion, we believe that information and education can lead to positive changes, and build inclusive, healthier, and safer societies.”

Mohammed Asif, Executive Director, Plan India said, “Plan India has been working for more than two decades to emphasise the importance of wellbeing of children, adolescents and youth as they represent the future of this country. On World Sexual Health Day, we aim to inform adolescents and youth, including those belonging to tribal communities, about the aspects of protection and pleasure to ensure their healthy development and wellbeing. We believe that adolescents and young people must be enabled, equipped and empowered to participate in their own development towards a healthier future.”

The workshops across the North East states included the introduction of TBBT, discussion sessions, workshops on consent & protection with community and group activities on overall well being of youths.

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