Knee Replacement Surgery transforming lives for the better

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Kolkata: A 57 year old lady from Arambagh had been suffering for almost 6 years due to severe knee pain. She had difficulty in walking even a few hundred metres, used pain killers regularly without much improvement and had not gone out of the house for over 18 months. She was suggested by her neighbour to reach out to Manipal Hospitals, Bangalore. The neighbour had been treated for a similar problem before at Manipal Hospitals.

She flew down to Bangalore, met with Dr. Lokesh Veerappa, Senior Consultant Orthopaedic and Joint Replacement Surgeon at Manipal Hospitals, HAL, Bangalore, got operated for Knee Replacement Surgery, and has transformed her life dramatically, She goes for a walk in the park now, plays with her grandkids, goes out to the market and attends social functions.

Dr. Lokesh Veerappa, Senior Consultant Orthopaedic and Joint Replacement Surgeon at Manipal Hospitals, HAL, Bangalore, said, “It is very encouraging for us surgeons to see lives turnaround and patients walking without pain after a Joint replacement Surgery. One of my patients even did the parikrama of Mount Kailash and had messaged me about it. Another patient told me he has resumed playing his golf and is very happy about it. I feel proud to have transformed their lives.”

Talking about the procedure, Dr. Lokesh Veerappa said, “It is of course important to do a good job with the surgery. But it is much more than that. It is about making these old patients sail through the process before, during and after surgery so comfortably that they don’t even realize that some big procedure has happened to them. We take care of pain completely in the initial few days of surgery so well that the patient in walking, bending the knee, visiting the toilet within the first 2-3 days itself. Adequate pain control and accelerated rehabilitation has transformed the whole process of getting a knee replacement surgery. Infact, we believe that 70% of the Physical Therapy should happen within the first 5 days of surgery, so that the patient goes home ready to take care of himself completely without anyone’s help. We infact say, protocol based surgery, adequate post op care, no bed rest, very good pain control and early Physiotherapy are the key points towards a highly successful knee replacement surgery.”

Dr. Lokesh mentioned that multi disciplinary approach at Manipal Hospital, and availability of all specialities under one roof is the reason that they get to perform Joint replacements on several patients with many comorbidities like previous heart attacks, poor kidney or liver function, bad lungs, uncontrolled diabetes and Hypertension patients. He said, “We are confident in performing surgeries even in these not so healthy patients as our quarternary care hospital with multi speciality intervention makes it easy to manage such patients.”

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