Karkinos Healthcare Kolkata observes World Health Day

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Kolkata: On the occasion of World Health Day, leading technology-led oncology platform Karkinos Healthcare highlighted the importance of good health, regular health check-ups and fitness to fight different types of diseases. Karkinos Healthcare, Kolkata also organized Health Awareness Activities with the patients at the network Hospitals to observe World Health Day.

Dr. Akhter Jawade, Director-East of Karkinos Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. said, “Healthcare is a right. Maintaining a good health is our responsibility. If you do not stay healthy you cannot keep your mind, body and your surroundings healthy, your health plays the most important part of your daily life. Health is important for every human being and we should take care of the health. World Health Day assumes an even greater significance since world witnessed COVID-19 pandemic, which has made us fully realise the importance of healthy lifestyle besides, a robust healthcare system.”

Dr. Akhter Jawade said, “On the other hand, when we talk about cancer we see, the lack of awareness around it and limited availability of quality treatment options, contribute to high mortality rate of cancer, which further aggravates the fear and taboo associated with cancer. So, it is always important to undertake regular health check-ups so that we can start treatment of the disease, if detected. Keeping this in mind, Karkinos Healthcare Kolkata organizes regular Cancer Awareness Programmes to sensitize the public of West Bengal, highlighting the importance of early detection and treatment.”

Medella Karkinos Oncology Institute is a comprehensive cancer hospital with all facilities under one roof like radiation oncology (Halcyon- Radiation machine), medical oncology and surgical oncology. It is a 50 bedded hospital with fully equipped ICU and OT for handling complicated cancer surgeries backed with an in-house team of experienced Onco-pathologists, technologists and board of advisors.

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