India’s largest Transition Care Provider HCAH launches its first facility in Kolkata

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Kolkata: HCAH, a health-tech company, launched its 1st Transitional Care Centre (TCC) in Kolkata in Sammilani Park, which is its 6th one across India. The centre will provide services such as in-patient rehab which helps recover patients suffering from stroke, head injury, and spine injury.

It also possesses long-term acute care, which eventually helps the patients in having affordable care options other than the HDU/ICU care in a hospital, with skilled nursing facilities. HCAH is a leading Out-of-hospital care provider, with the country’s largest chain of Transition Care Centers having over 300 beds across multiple cities across the country.

This transition care center will serve a large pool of patients who are recovering from Stroke, Spine Injury, Trauma, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Post-operative care and other such diseases. The Kolkata transition care will have 44 beds and have 24/7 doctors’ availability that has the expertise in systematic rehabilitation programs based on milestone-based journeys, in an infection-safe environment. This will help people recover under the expert guidance of well-trained staff and state-of-art equipment.

Like HCAH’s other centers, this center will also have a technology-enabled environment, skilled nurses, and expert rehab professionals such as physiotherapists, occupational, respiratory, and speech swallow therapists, dietitians, and clinical psychologists to help patients recover fast and make them return to normalcy soon.

The center will cater to the major chunk of the people from the Northeast that seek a good medical facility and tertiary care treatment in Kolkata. Also, Kolkata being the fastest ageing metro, will benefit in terms of institutional care for its ailing elderly in non-hospital set up.

Vivek Srivastava, Co-Founder & CEO, HCAH said, “We are committed to improving the quality of life for patients by providing them with transitional care services at our centers across the country. Through our centers, we’ve been able to address a big need in the rehabilitation and recovery segment. The centers increase easy access to good quality healthcare and deliver care at a more reasonable cost, as compared to what one would spend otherwise in a hospital. The centers are more home-like facilities ensuring a smooth transition from hospital to home, improving recovery, delivering better health outcomes, and contributing to a higher quality of life.”

“With HCAH’s unique and tailor made concept of immobility to mobility plans curated by multidisciplinary teams enables a series of treatments aiming at making a patient recover and walk independently in contrast to the time of discharge from the hospital. At HCAH, our services such as speech-swallow, physical rehabilitation, and psychological rehabilitation bring a sense of continuity and coordination among the lives of patients and lower the chances of readmission. HCAH is committed to make people recover, and making them as productive as they used to be in their pre-hospitalization era,” said Dr. Gaurav Thukral, COO, HCAH.

Out of Hospital Healthcare market is expected to grow at a size of USD 21.3 Billion by 2027 which used to be around USD 6.1 Billion in 2020. It is a need of the hour to address the growing demand for quality healthcare and changing social fabric. HCAH is trying to fill the unmet need and create a new facet of a holistic healthcare delivery model which completes the care continuum.

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