Dabur Glucose organizes awareness session on energy & stamina management in Kolkata

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Kolkata: Dabur Glucose, the leading instant energy drink from the House of Dabur, announced the launch of a mega Campaign ‘Energize India’ to promote young sporting talent and drive awareness about the importance of energy and stamina among young athletes in major sports academies across India.

As part of the campaign, Dabur Glucose recently conducted a special awareness session on energy and stamina management at the Suryasen Sporting Club, Khardah in Kolkata, with Dinesh Kumar, Manager, Corporate Communication, Dabur India Ltd., Head Coach Ashim Gupta and experts in the field.

This session provided valuable insights and strategies to help athletes optimize their performance and achieve their full potential. Dabur also felicitated top 3 athletes-Sougata Sen, Mainak Guha and Rupesh Nayak of this Club.

Dinesh Kumar said, “We are delighted to launch our ‘Energize India’ campaign to promote the importance of energy and stamina among young athletes and provide them with the necessary energy to excel in their respective sports. As a brand, Dabur Glucose is a perfect fit for athletes, sports enthusiasts, and people who lead an active lifestyle. The product is designed to provide an instant energy boost, which is essential for individuals engaged in physical activities,”

Dinesh Kumar added, “Dabur Glucose has always been committed to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle among our youth. This partnership with young athletes is another step forward towards achieving this goal. With its refreshing taste and instant energy boost, Dabur Glucose is the perfect choice for young athletes to stay energized and perform at their best.”

The energy session focused on educating young athletes about the importance of proper nutrition and hydration to ensure optimal performance. The session also included tips and techniques to improve stamina and endurance, which are crucial for any athlete.

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