Belle Vue Clinic Kolkata receives ‘Har Bed Dozee Bed’ Award at CAHO CXO Meet

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Kolkata: Belle Vue Clinic Kolkata was awarded with the ‘HarBedDozeeBed’ Award at the second edition of the CAHO CXO meet in Kolkata recently. The award, presented by Dr. Lallu Joseph, Quality Manager, CMC Vellore and National Secretary General, CAHO, and Dr. Kh. Palin, Chairman and Managing Director, Shija Hospital and Research Institute, Manipur, recognized the hospital’s commitment to patient safety and its embrace of cutting-edge tech innovations.

At the heart of this transformation lies Belle Vue Clinic’s dedication to enhance patient safety through the adoption of Dozee’s technology, yielding remarkable results. Over the last 90 days, the implementation of Dozee’s continuous contactless remote patient monitoring has enabled enhanced safety and care for over 1700+ patients, allowing multiple life saving timely clinical interventions. These advancements have significantly elevated patient safety and improved clinical outcomes.

According to industry reports, continuous vitals monitoring can prevent about 75% of deaths that occur outside the ICU. 84% of patients show signs of deterioration 8 hours before cardio-pulmonary arrest. Despite this, approximately 90% of hospital patients are not continuously monitored. Belle Vue Clinic recognized this critical need and embarked on a journey to implement continuous monitoring for patients outside of ICUs.

To achieve this, Belle Vue Clinic thoroughly evaluated various tech innovations and adopted Dozee for 33 beds in November 2022. Impressed by the system’s clinical-grade accuracy and potential for monitoring beyond ICUs, they ramped up the adoption. Embracing this transformative technology came with its challenges. The hospital and Dozee conducted extensive nurse training sessions to ensure the staff was well-equipped to handle the latest technology.

The nursing staff were also provided with certification for successfully completing training in ‘Remote Patient Monitoring’. Over the course of a rigorous nine-month period, Belle Vue Clinic extended the use of Dozee to all 134 non-ICU beds, enabling remote monitoring on central nursing stations set up on each floor and through mobile apps. This approach ensures clinicians have constant access to patient vitals, enabling them to provide attentive and timely care at all times.

Pradip Tandon, CEO, Belle Vue Clinic, said, “We are always looking for ways to improve patient care and safety. We firmly believe that every patient in the hospital should be continuously monitored even beyond ICUs. Dozee’s adoption has transformed the way patient care is delivered and we are excited to be at the forefront of this transformation. The ‘HarBedDozeeBed’ award is a testament to our commitment to ensure equitable access for all our patients and our commitment to the government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative by supporting the very best indigenous products.”

One of many incidents where the implementation of Dozee has helped in potentially saving lives includes one recent case where a kidney donor patient was admitted with symptoms such as fever, headache, and body ache. Thanks to Dozee’s AI-based continuous and contactless Remote Patient Monitoring and Early Warning System, the floor sister in charge, Nimmi, received timely alerts regarding the patient’s high heart rate (HR) and respiratory rate (RR). This vital information allowed the hospital staff to promptly intervene and take necessary action, ultimately leading to timely and potentially life-saving measures.

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