Affordable and Sustainable Handwashing in 3 Easy Steps with Savlon Powder Handwash

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Bhubaneswar: Of all the hygiene habits, handwashing has received considerable attention in last two years and its critical role in public health is now a well-established discourse globally. But as the fear of the pandemic gradually wanes and amidst rising prices, concerns like accessibility and affordability have caused consumers to return to washing hands with just water.

Good hygiene should never be compromised upon despite rising prices all around us. If you are caught in the trade-off between buying handwash or keeping your monthly budgets in order, don’t think twice, choose the Savlon Powder Handwash.

Backed by Savlon’s trusted 99.9% germ protection, Savlon Powder Handwash addresses the issues of hygiene that remains unaddressed in many parts of the country where people are still used to washing hands by using just water.

Priced at just INR 10/-, one Savlon Powder Handwash sachet makes 200ml liquid handwash that provides more than 120 washes. This reduces the cost per use to just 8 paisa, which is unbeatable as compared to any other handwash available in the country. In just 3 simple steps Water-Powder-Shake, your liquid germ protection handwash is ready for use.

What’s more, the Powder handwash sachet reduces plastic use by 91% as compared to a 200ml handwash pump bottle. This unique pack encourages consumers to make informed, sustainable lifestyle choices without having to compromise on value. And all this in just INR 10.

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