SwitchON Foundation, Cycle Groups launch special drive

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Kolkata: SwitchON Foundation along with Cycle Group’ launched a special drive with cyclists riding to work and also household and livelihood cyclists riding for work, ahead of Durga Puja.

Newtown Kolkata’s Cyclists celebrated it in their own special way by acknowledging the service done by the house-help didis who ride their cycles ensuring they keep homes clean and the city pollution and congestion free.

Cyclists went on a ‘Pandal Riding’ around Newtown spreading awareness about sustainable mobility and encouraging people to take up cycling to work. The cyclists were also joined in by house help ‘Didis’, who ride their bicycles to work.

The message for citizens was clearly to take a vow this Durga Puja to come forward and adopt the cleanest mode of transport for a healthy and less polluted City of Joy.

Representative of the Cycle Group, Two Wheels asked people to understand the challenges faced by lakhs of livelihood cyclists everyday in the city. The Representatives said that with the existing ban on cycling in Kolkata’s main roads, it is impacting their livelihood and it is high time that the ban must be lifted once and for all.

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