Wella Professionals launches Kromatic 2.0 Color Collection in Kolkata

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Kolkata: After the success of the Kromatic Color Collection, the World’s leading Color brand Wella Professionals, is back with the launch of Kromatic 2.0 Color collection. The all new edition, continues to encourage hairstylists to experiment with their creativity, and help consumers flaunt their own unique style everyday.

The new Wella Kromatic Collection showcases an all new set of celebrities- Neelam Kothari, Prakruti Mishra, Shivaleeka Oberoi & Rohit Khandelwal, in customized looks created by 4 Wella Passionistas- Natasha Naegamvala, Elton Steve Vessoaker, Placid Braganza and Nikhil Sharma. This diverse collection by Wella has been designed to inspire and encourage hairstylists to create custom looks suited to their clients and to help people embrace their individuality and find their own unique vibe.


The collection also works around breaking the stigmas around hair color, and inspiring people to make hair color an everyday accessory. With 4 unique customised looks the collection has something for all colorers – whether your vibe is Bold, Playful, Gorgeous or Edgy.

The brand launched the collection with a look and learn seminar recently in Kolkata which had Wella Passionistas – Elton Steve Vessoaker & Nikhil Sharma decoding these celeb looks live on stage and interacting the audiences on tips and tricks to create their “own signature” looks.

Pravesh Saha, General Manager, South Asia, Wella Company said, “Our brand, Wella Professionals, focuses on elevating the art of hairdressing in India by bringing in the very latest with respect to international trends. Kromatic 2.0 – our newly launched collection is designed to provide a canvas for hairdressers to express their creativity while addressing common concerns that consumers have regarding hair color. Consumers today value their freedom of expression and individuality.”

Pravesh Saha said, “Our 4 celebrity partners – Neelam, Prakruti, Shivaleeka and Rohit, each with their distinct personalities and customized looks bring this to life and show us that if you co-create something with your hairdresser, what happens is absolutely magical. We firmly believe that Hair Colour is for everyone, let us help you find your vibe.”

Elton Steve Vessoaker, Hair Specialist, Makeup artist, & Educator shared, “I am extremely excited to be part of curating the second edition of the Kromatic Collection. The Kromatic 2.0 collection allows hairstylists to help consumers in their journey of self expression and I believe that a personalised hair color is the ideal way of allowing people to express their individuality.”

Nikhil Sharma, Founder at Nikhil Sharma Hairdressing, adds, “Being a part of Wella Professionals has always been a matter of great pride. This year I am thrilled to create yet another exclusive look for the Kromatic 2.0 Collection. As stylists we have the power to create transformative changes which can give a consumer the necessary confidence boost that they are looking for.”


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