Saffola Soya celebrates Poila Boishakh by launching a unique activation in Kolkata

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Kolkata: Kicking off the festive season with a playful twist, Saffola Soya celebrated Poila Boishakh by launching a unique activation in Kolkata. Poila Boishakh is a vibrant celebration marked by the preparation of delectable authentic Bengali dishes.

This year, Saffola Soya invited participants from Kolkata to experience the surprising softness of their product through a fun and interactive challenge.

Saffola Soya invited popular Kolkata influencers to test the softness of Saffola Soya Chunks in a blindfold challenge. The influencers were blindfolded and were asked to identify Saffola Soya chunks through their sense of touch.

The influencers were caught by surprise when they felt the softness of Saffola Soya Chunk. Following the blindfold challenge, the influencers were introduced to the versatile and protein-rich qualities of Saffola Soya Chunks. They were also invited to curate some of the most relished Poila Boishakh recipes with Saffola Soya Chunks.

The interesting activation was then captured as a film, showcasing the influencers’ reactions and their creative use of soya chunks in traditional Bengali recipes, highlighting the product’s appeal and versatility. This was then amplified further across Instagram.

The range of Bengali delicacies that are associated with Poila Boishakh is every foodie’s dream come true. As Saffola Soya Chunk is one of the most versatile ingredients with the perfect mix of taste and softness it has been popular ever since it was launched in Kolkata.

It can be used to make cutlets, koftas, kebabs and a variety of snack dishes for every special festive meal. Saffola encourages you to be mindful of your food consumption with healthy controlled calories.

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