Nesterra launches its new collections, featuring a wide range of versatile Nesterra fabrics

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Guwahati: After a successful brand launch last year, Nesterra, a premium home furnishings brand in the upholstery and drapery segment from the house of Sutlej Textiles & Industries, announces the launch of its newest collections.

Inspired by nature and coupled with modern & contemporary designs, with 12 collections already in the market, the brand is all set to launch the next set of 8 new collections featuring a wide range of versatile Nesterra fabrics.

Set out to create an intimate ambiance at home with a benchmark of international quality standards of fabric, Nesterra captivated the world of décor with its indulgent rich colour palettes, in vogue and transitional designs of soft furnishings solutions from upholstery to drapery.

With an aim of delivering design excellence through quality products closer to home for the modern-day consumer, the brand has unveiled a series of new-age collections namely Bloomington; Everyday Luxury` – Evelyn, Alana, Eccentric, Lucid; Breeze: The Embroidered Sheers; Tranquil Eden; Shantung to help consumers elevate and refresh their living spaces.

Updeep Singh Chatrath, President and CEO – Sutlej Textiles and Industries Ltd. said, “Sutlej Textiles has always been one of the foremost players in the B2B textile business. Home textiles and fabric trends tend to appear every year as they keep us interested in amping up the interiors. However, they have evolved to form multi-purpose and practical structures influenced by the individual’s personality and environment where colours and technology play an active role. Hence, with Nesterra, we thrive to build a stronger B2C market as it is crucial for us to keep up with the ever-evolving consumer trends while upping the ante through the standards we have set in the industry. We constantly strive to upgrade and deliver quality products to our consumers.”

“The textile industry is booming, more than ever and we want to leverage it and aim at providing the best of our expertise. We are excited about the pace at which we are progressing towards strengthening our brand presence in India. With the increasing growth potential in the Indian Home Textile industry, we believe we are market-ready to capitalize on this opportunity,” added Oscar Reig Plaza, Business Head (Home Textile Business), Sutlej Textiles and Industries Ltd.

Born from an amalgamation of the nest (home) and terra (earth), Nesterra provides designs inspired by different personalities, driven by experiences and stories and spun in colour to ‘feature you’ in your décor. The brand’s new collections, nature-inspired and easy on the eye, which come in a host of shades so that every individual could find their perfect shade are mindfully crafted keeping each one’s individuality in mind. The new collections include:

1.Bloomington: A riot of blooms – flowers, buds, and fronds straight from an English Country Garden is the inspiration behind this curtain and upholstery collection. A compilation of classic florals with a modern twist, the collection is soft and appealing to the eye with pastel shades that add a certain charm and liveliness to your space. In a variety of prints with a combination of minimal cord embroidery mixed with big alluring patterns, small motifs, and geometric designs, it transports you to dreamy country gardens.

2.Breeze-The embroidered Sheers: A delightful range of sheer curtains that have embroidered details in designs from florals, geometric and contemporary. Beautifully crafted designs that flow seamlessly and effortlessly in a sinuous trail that creates an intricate web of shadows and light. Subtle beaded details that gently catch the light. Calming and beautiful, the sheer curtains flow elegantly and add a classic elegance to your windows.

3.Tranquil Eden: Inspired by dreamy gardens and a romantic pattern style with detailed and illustrative scenes of fields, cascading waterfalls and country scenes, this collection emanates a sense of tranquility. Based on nature, with muted colors that give a feeling of serenity, this vintage-inspired curtain collection adds timelessness and a quixotic touch to your interiors.

4.Everyday Luxe – Evelyn: A part of the Everyday Luxe offering from Nesterra, Evelyn is a collection that personifies simplicity and grace. In abstract florals, a variety of damask, paisley, and geometrical patterns with a metallic lustre, the rich textures and exquisite craftsmanship of this collection make it more than just home furnishings – it is couture for your interiors.

5.Everyday Luxe – Alana: A lively mix of floral and geometric patterns in neutral colours, which adds brightness and sheen to your living space. This collection offers rich textures and stunning and stylish weaves, which add an understated, versatile appeal to your décor.

6.Everyday Luxe – Eccentric: An offering from the Everyday Luxe series, Eccentric is a collection that is elegant and contemporary. With exquisite embroidered textures and chic plains in monotones that lend a plushness to your interiors. Affordable fabric that has a linen-like feel and designs which add a depth of character to any setting.

7.Everyday Luxe – Lucid: Textures add depth and a certain edge to your décor. This collection – a part of Everyday Luxe – includes a range of textures that are essential to complete your interior. These textures come in a full color line ranging from whites to beiges to greys, and bright shades such as reds, teals, greens, and blues – so that you can find your perfect shade.

8.Shangtun: Silk does for the body what diamonds do for the hand. The Shangtun collection brings you an exotic collection of delicately illuminated fabric that evokes a sense of luxury and durability. You have the option to select from more than 60 various shades to suit your taste and mood.

Combined with an attractive collection of commercial drapery fabrics and upholstery, the new collections are designed to ‘feature you’ that create a splash with distinctive patterns and attractive colours.  Nesterra’s fabric is a reflection of a journey that begins with your choices and culminates in a space you can call your own.

Excited about the new collections, Smita Joshi, VP – Home Textiles and Design Expert, Nesterra further added, “Our homes are often perceived as a reflection of our personality and these new collections are designed to bring out just that but in a more lively, trendy and luxe way. We are delighted to launch our newest collections as we look to provide our customers with a wider range of fabric, texture, colours, and designs which draw inspiration from across the globe. Each collection is unique in its own nature, ranging from embroideries to abstract florals, to geometrical patterns, to dimensional tessellations, and caters to an extensive range of consumers. We bring you a line of curated fabrics that are more than just home furnishings, they are couture for your home.”

With an aim to provide soft furnishing solutions specially curated for the consumers, Nesterra inherits a strong legacy of over 75 years with decades of experience in yarn manufacturing under Sutlej Textiles, the flagship textiles company of the illustrious KK Birla Group.

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