ITC Sunrise celebrates Poila Baisakh with ‘Shahi Naboborsher Subheccha’ Campaign

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Kolkata: ITC Sunrise Pure Spices concluded its delightful ‘Shahi Naboborsher Subheccha’ campaign in Kolkata. Started on April 4, the campaign culminated on April 27. Marking the joyous beginning of the Bengali New Year, Sunrise Spices with brand ambassador Abir Chatterjee shared the festive cheer through an exciting contest.

Celebrated actor Abir announced ‘Shahi Baithak with Abir’ contest on social media, encouraging his fans and followers to share their Poila Baisakh celebration stories and recipes in Shahi-style.

The two-week campaign witnessed a massive turnout of participants with several unique and royal greetings. Out of 500+ entries received; 20 participants emerged triumphant with their exceptional greeting entries. The winners had the coveted opportunity to attend a Royal Shahi Baithak with Abir.

The exclusive event allowed them to meet and dine with the actor in a regal setting, offering them a memorable experience filled with classical flavours of the region, engaging conversation, and live entertainment.

As a brand deeply rooted in the cultural tapestry of the region, Sunrise has always been a part of such festivities, engaging with consumers in meaningful ways. Through the “Shahi Naboborsher Subheccha” campaign, Sunrise continues its tradition of connecting with consumers at a personal level, enriching their festive experiences and simultaneously celebrating the essence of Bengali culture and traditions.

Expanding its consumer reach, the brand also tied up with 4 Reliance stores across 2 towns, introducing Shahi VR Stations where consumers could virtually experience and explore the unique mix of Sunrise Shahi Garam Masala.

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