Common cleaning mistakes that will ruin your home

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Kolkata: Everyone loves to live in a clean house. Even if you are not a cleaning fanatic, a sense of peace and satisfaction comes with a clean home. While we all have our unique routines and cleaning methods, we all tend to get creative with the internet full of DIY videos. However, not all the practices which may seem right actually work for the benefit of your home. At times, even simple-looking steps are enough to ruin your home.

To your rescue, here are tried and tested cleaning ‘mistakes’ shared by home makers that you can avoid to keep your home safe:

Using bleach to clean Mold: While mold is a standard problem that we face in our houses, but exposure to mold can cause serious health problems such as asthma or other respiratory illnesses. But using bleach to tackle mold is a common mistake. In fact, this hack worsens the situation. “While it may work to remove the black stains, the water travels down to the root of the mold and helps it thrive. In addition, applying bleach on mold may even cause it to grow in surrounding areas that were once unaffected. The best way to thoroughly tackle mold issues is to call a professional to eradicate them completely,” said Poonam Asthana a home maker in Banaras.

Using Chemical-based floor cleaners: A common myth about floor cleaners is the more potent the chemical, the cleaner is floor. However, it is a common mistake. Reena Dutta, from Delhi said, “Strong chemical-based floor cleaners can injure health because they contain toxic chemicals that release harmful gases and other indoor pollutants. It is advisable to improve the indoor air quality of your home by replacing harsh chemical cleaners with natural herbal products like ITC Nimyle. Nimyle is a 100% natural action floor cleaner with Neem, designed to effectively kill germs and clean your floors and conform to an eco-friendly product’s quality, performance, and safety expectations.”

Using bleach to remove stains on a fabric sofa: Stains on a fabric sofa can often be a nightmare if not treated properly. However, never use bleach or diluted chemical cleaner on a fabric sofa as that can damage the sofa. “The bleach can remove the colour of the couch along with the stain, and in addition, it can quickly ‘eat’ through the fabric, leaving a small hole after daily use. The last thing you want is to ruin the fabric cover or buy a new sofa completely,” said Sangeeta Verma from Mumbai

Using the same cloth throughout your home: People often use one cloth to clean multiple surfaces and things. But it is advisable to use multiple clothes throughout your home; otherwise, you are just spreading germs from one space to another and not cleaning. “What is best practice is to have different microfiber cloths for different areas and make sure to wash them after each use,” said Shraddha Sinha from Pune.

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