Griffins International School organizes experiential field trip to help children learn about Exchange of Goods and Money

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Kolkata: Griffins International School, Kharagpur takes yet another pioneering step to help children learn about Exchange of Goods & Money. The school recently organized an experiential field trip to a shopping mall.

The students of primary section thoroughly enjoyed their visit to the mall and enthusiastically took part in paying and buying their favourite stuff on their own. The children happily applied the concept of mathematical operations and mental math skills in their real-life situation during the trip.

Their decision-making skills and communication skills were also reflected during the interactions with the shopkeepers. It was a fun trip where students enjoyed and learned joyfully.

Abishek Kumar Yadav, Academic Director and Chairman, Griffins International School, said, “We at Griffins International School always put extra effort in developing necessary life skills among our children beside their academic excellence. We believe that our effort would make them well equipped with practical knowledge and wisdom before they are put to face the real world.”

Abishek Kumar Yadav said, “The understanding of money and exchange of money for goods and services is one of the most fundamental knowledge that makes a person independent. We are happy to organize such off-campus trips for our children. They are learning how to handle money and simultaneously they are also learning to be grateful for the things they have.”

Research shows that most habits around money are developed by the age of 7 years. So, it is very important to teach the children early about spending money wisely and instill the habit of savings too.

Off-campus experiential trip is an integral part of Griffins International School as these activities ensure a holistic development of the children. It brings excitement and adventure to real life learning.

A well-planned experiential trip is an ideal way to introduce life skills and concepts to the children with a practical approach.

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