How to manage your life as you head back to work from office

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Kolkata: After over 2 years of disruption, life is slowly crawling back to normalcy with work from home life being replaced by hybrid model of going back to office. It is certainly stressful to adjust into a new routine again and to manage both, the family and office.

“After the initial unrest, confusions and technology issues, we’ve all gotten used to working from home. In the last 2 years, we devoted our time to inculcate safe and healthy habits. Now with most of us returning to office, we have to reset the existing routine so that we continue to stay safe and healthy,” says Sangita Gopinath, PR Consultant.

Continuing the healthy lifestyle while returning to office may seem daunting, but it is not impossible. Keep the stress at bay by taking one day at a time. Create a new routine without discontinuing the good habits that you developed. If you are one of those who will have to work from the office permanently or in a hybrid mode, here’s how you can manage your work routine and your home in the post-WFH world, with a bit of planning.

Fast Food: Plan interesting breakfast’s menu to beat the fatigue. Deciding what to cook is half the battle won. Try some quick meal recipes off the internet.  Always plan and prep the night before for a stress less start of the day. Include fresh fruits and vegetables for a balanced diet. Just soak them in a 100% natural vegetable & fruit wash like ITC’s Nimwash Vegetable & Fruit Wash to remove pesticides with no side effects. Don’t forget to indulge your sweet tooth.

Kitchen Diaries: Do all your heavy-duty cooking and prepping over the weekend. Don’t be scared of stubborn cooking stains on your utensils. Products like ITC’s Nimeasy Dishwash Gel combat tough stains with ease. Simply apply gel on your utensils and soak them in water for 25 minutes for enzyme technology to lift off tough food stains. A clean kitchen helps to maintain a good aura in the house and clean food has a positive effect on your health.

Set cleaning time: Cleanliness can be achieved by being smart and not necessarily by working hard. Set aside 15 minutes each day to keep your home tidy with dusting and cleaning. Plan your cleaning schedule in the morning or in the evening once you return home. Make it a point to keep things in their place and clean spills and dirt immediately to save time and effort. Don’t let your guard down, continue to use a natural cleaner like Nimyle that has the power of neem to keep your house safe.

Time for self-care: Self-care and personal wellbeing should remain a priority even if work from home is over. Do not let it take a back seat. Dedicate 10-15 minutes a day to be in the comfort of yourself. Use this time to mediate, for a power walk, to read a book or to simply soak your feet in warm water after a long day at work.

Connect with your favorite content: Those shows and movies on the OTT platforms need to be watched. Schedule an hour daily to watch your favourite shows. Choose the afternoon of one of the weekends, if you are someone who likes to binge watch so you can still head out to enjoy the evenings.

Try to include these easy tips in your new found day to day life and you’ll be gradually back on track managing your home and work with ease.

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