Dabur Meswak mints first-ever NFT with Digital Ganpati Mural

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Kolkata: India’s leading Science-based Ayurveda Company Dabur India Limited today joined the Metaverse/Non-Fungible Token or NFT bandwagon with the launch of the first-ever exclusive NFT for its leading toothpaste brand Dabur Meswak.

This first NFT from the House of Dabur is the Largest Digital Ganpati Mural, as certified by World Records Union, crowd sourced from people across the country to celebrate togetherness and spread smiles with Dabur Meswak.

The NFT was created as part of a mega digital campaign created by Dabur Meswak, inviting people to share their favourite moments with Ganapati Bappa on the brand’s social media handles.

Celebrating the uniqueness of Meswak herb, the largest Ganpati Mural was minted on the NFT marketplace for consumers to appreciate and show their admiration for the brand during the festive season, which was being celebrated after a 2-year gap due to COVID.

The company has decided not to mint this unique effort by people across the country and intends to offer it to the Government of India as a symbol of unity and togetherness of the digital community.

Announcing the launch, Dabur India Limited Chief Executive Officer Mohit Malhotra said, “Dabur Meswak is one of the most loved natural toothpaste brands and stands for complete oral care with its unique mouth feel. NFTs have taken the world by storm and are not just revolutionizing the collectibles space but are quickly turning into a new medium to reach out to the younger generation who want to engage with brands and make meaningful connections. Converting the smiling pictures of lakhs of Dabur Meswak consumers into a digital art form that will continue to live for time immemorial, is a way of appreciating the love that we have received from our consumers.”

Koineearth is the partner who has helped Dabur to mint the largest Ganpati mural on the marketplace:

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