Asian Paints Royale Glitz launches TVC featuring Deepika Padukone & Karan Johar

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Siliguri: Asian Paints has launched a new ad film with brand ambassador Deepika Padukone who is seen in a glam action girl avatar pushing boundaries just like Royale Glitz in the realm of luxury paints. The film also features celebrity director Karan Johar as a surprise element.

The new Royale Glitz film showcases brand ambassador Deepika Padukone’s whimsical relationship with the Glitz wall. The advertisement’s artistic approach of ‘a film within a film,’ seamlessly transitioning into reality at a pivotal juncture, is unique.

The playful exchange between the wall, Deepika and Karan intricately weaves an engaging narrative. Amidst the harmonious décor, the infusion of grandeur and modernity elevates the film, captivating viewers and creating a solid aspirational appeal to own the product.

As a director, Karan Johar is particular about the aesthetics of his sets and when it comes to showcasing it as Deepika’s home it becomes even more pivotal to bring out luxury.

The space harmoniously blends with the deep shades of Royale Designer Palette by Sabyasachi, and the flawless finish of Royale Glitz. The walls boast an unparalleled smoothness and an ‘Ultra Sheen’ finish that almost mirrors Deepika’s persona.

Speaking about this ad campaign, Amit Syngle, MD & CEO of Asian Paints Limited, said, “The new commercial for Royale Glitz ft. Deepika Padukone and Karan Johar exudes the essence of an exhilarating action-movie trailer, seamlessly integrating compelling product propositions.”

Amit Syngle said, “Our Royale Glitz range showcases a captivating sheen, coupled with durability and resilience. In today’s market, consumers seek ultra-luxurious finishes for their homes, and the inclusion of crack-free performance takes this offering to an entirely new level.”

Royale Glitz blends luxury with practicality in one luxury interior wall paint. The luxury paint assures ultra-sheen with exceptional crack-free performance for long-lasting beautiful homes that #StealTheSpotlight.

Additionally, it offers designer shades under Royale Designer Palette. Celebrated fashion designer Sabyasachi has created 35 exclusive colours for this glamorous designer palette.

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