Yoga Bar expands its portfolio with nutritious baby food range ‘Yoga Baby’

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Kolkata: Yoga Bar, one of India’s leading health food brands, has announced to expand its differentiated product portfolio with Yoga Baby – a new range, crafted to meet the unique nutritional needs of children.

The new range of delectable porridge mixes comes in five variants – Sprouted Ragi & Mango, Sprouted Ragi Strawberry, Sprouted Ragi, Saffron & Oats and Oats, Dates & Millets.

Yoga Baby is inspired by traditional recipes handed down from mothers and grandmothers. The range incorporates millets that have long been an intrinsic part of our heritage over centuries. Each element of the product has been meticulously and ethically sourced.

Blending these nutrient-rich combinations using classic whole grains such as millets, oats and ragi, Yoga Baby enters the market with a deep commitment – to encourage mothers and parents reconnect with their roots to give their children a boost of nutrition.

Suhasini Sampath, Co-Founder & CEO of Yoga Bar, said, “My aim is simple. I want to help provide mothers and parents everywhere with the means to offer their little ones the nourishment boosts that their developing minds and bodies truly deserve, without worrying about access to quality ingredients.”

She added, “We’re incredibly proud and excited to introduce Yoga Baby to families everywhere. Yoga Baby will ensure that parents devote less time to meal planning and invest more time in creating beautiful memories with their children.”

Each variant of the Yoga Baby mixes has been curated to meet the unique nutritional needs of children during their growing years. The product will be available on Yoga Bar’s online & e-commerce platforms and soon be available at retail outlets, as well.

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