TTK Prestige unveils PIC 20 Wiz 1600W Cooktop with the Automatic Whistle Counter

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Kolkata: TTK Prestige has announced to upgrade the PIC 20 cooktop and launch it as PIC 20 Wiz 1600W with the convenience of whistle counting feature. This feature is exclusive to TTK Prestige, a trusted brand in durable and innovative kitchen appliances.

This innovative function allows users to set the desired number of whistles when cooking with a pressure cooker and automatically turns off after the set number of whistles is completed. It is a great feature for multi-tasker home cooks and those with choc-a-bloc schedules.

The whistle counter automatically counts the set number of whistles and then transitions into the “automatic keep warm” mode, ensuring stress-free cooking without constant monitoring. Food stays warm and can be enjoyed when people are ready to eat.

The PIC 20 Wiz induction cooktop is designed with anti-magnetic walls to block surplus magnetic radiation, creating a safer cooking environment. With its flame-free cooking, it effectively keeps the kitchen temperature cooler, allowing home cooks to remain comfortable even when cooking in hot summer months.

The benefits of the cooktop extend beyond convenience and efficiency. This intelligent appliance incorporates an Automatic Voltage Regulator that not only handles voltage fluctuations but also ensures a gradual load distribution for enhanced durability and performance.

The PIC 20 Wiz induction cooktop is now available at INR 3695/-for purchase at authorized TTK Prestige retailers, leading e-commerce platforms, Prestige Xclusive stores, and the brand’s online store –

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