Top Management Change at Isuzu Motors India

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Kolkata: Isuzu Motors India (IMI), a subsidiary of Isuzu Motors Limited, Japan, recently announced key changes in the top management. The changes in the management are as per the business plan of the company.

Rajesh Mittal, succeeds Wataru Nakano, as the President of Isuzu Motors India (IMI). He will be the first person of Indian origin who will be steering Isuzu Motors India. Wataru Nakano, will assume a new assignment as Head, Isuzu Vietnam Operations, from April 2023.

Yasuhito Kondo who was responsible for the Regional Management Office at Isuzu Motors, Japan, takes over as Deputy President, Isuzu Motors India. Kondo brings his rich global experience of 28 years in the areas of sales operations and business strategy to India. His vast experience will add to accelerating Isuzu’s growth in the domestic and export markets.

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