Sunfeast announces Shah Rukh Khan as the new Brand Ambassador for Dark Fantasy

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Kolkata: ITC’s Sunfeast Dark Fantasy, is thrilled to announce the beginning of an exciting journey with the ‘King of Fantasy’ – Shah Rukh Khan – as the new face of the brand.

Sunfeast Dark Fantasy introduces its renewed brand proposition, ‘Sunfeast Dark Fantasy – Har Dil Ki Fantasy’ aiming to establish a profound connection with its consumers. This innovative concept springs from the universal yearning for a touch of fantasy in our everyday lives.

With this new perspective, the brand seeks to resonate across diverse consumer segments, encouraging personal flights of fantasy anytime, anywhere. Shah Rukh Khan who is loved by everyone truly represents the fantasy of his innumerable fans across the world. This synergy between the two makes it a fantastical combination.

This collaboration sets a new benchmark for the brand as the ‘King of Bollywood’ joins forces with the ‘King of Biscuits’. Sunfeast Dark Fantasy embarks on the journey of ‘Har Dil ki Fantasy’, and invites consumers to partake in an extraordinary adventure guided by Shah Rukh Khan’s charm and delectable indulgence of its biscuits. This chapter not only redefines the brand but also elevates the concept of fantasy in hearts of individuals nationwide.

Ali Harris Shere, Chief Operating Officer, Biscuits & Cakes Cluster, ITC Foods Division, shared his thoughts on the exciting partnership with Shah Rukh Khan: “We are supremely excited to have the King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan, as the face of Sunfeast Dark Fantasy. He is an iconic figure. His charm, sophistication, and larger than life persona makes him the ideal choice to represent the brand. With this association, we are confident of elevating the brand’s presence and further reinforce its connection with consumers. Together, we aim to take people on an extraordinary journey that celebrates their fantasies, making it a memorable experience.”

Shah Rukh Khan expressed his views on joining hands with Sunfeast Dark Fantasy: “I am delighted to associate with Sunfeast Dark Fantasy, a brand that is truly loved by all of us. The brand’s new proposition of ‘Har Dil Ki Fantasy’ deeply resonates with me, as it encourages everyone to imagine, fantasize and live the extraordinary; an idea which I truly believe in. I am happy to be a part of this exciting and unique journey of fulfilling fantasies”.

The campaign is set to launch across India in 8 different languages. It will be broadcasted across digital, social media platforms and television channels, forming an integral part of the comprehensive pan-India media plan.

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