MFIN launches its TV Commercial, highlights the importance of Microfinance loans for economic upliftment of low-income women groups

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Kolkata: Microfinance Institutions Network (MFIN), the Microfinance Industry Association and an RBI recognized self-regulatory organization (SRO), recently unveiled its first ever TV Commercial to reinforce the contribution of microfinance industry towards Financial Inclusion, says a press release.

The Campaign tagline aims to communicate how the Microfinance Industry in India has all along been actively supportive of income-generating trade activity, by low-income financially excluded women across the country.

Dr. Alok Misra, CEO & Director, MFIN said, “The contribution of Microfinance industry in aiding fulfillment of India’s financial inclusion objectives has only grown over the years. However, not many are familiar with the role that microfinance loans play in making small-sized credit, easily and quickly accessible to the bottom of the pyramid segment throughout the country. This TV commercial captures the role of the microfinance sector in promoting small businesses and being an economic tool in creating equal opportunities and inclusive development for both rural and urban poor.”

The campaign aims at reiterating the role of the microfinance industry in unlocking the earning potential of the unserved section of the society by providing easy and quick access to collateral-free credit.

The entrepreneurial aspirations of marginalised women are accomplished availing microfinance loans, thereby contributing to overall economic upliftment in the country. The confidence and resilience of the microfinance industry is evident through 6 crore women borrowers, who have successfully transformed their lives by taking microfinance loans.

Microcredit through these RBI-regulated Microfinance institutions comprising NBFC-MFIs, Banks, Small Finance Banks and NBFCs, have enabled low-income households to join the mainstream and partner in the country’s growth.

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