Dabur launches ‘Dabur GlucoPlus-C Instant Energy Drink’

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Kolkata: In today’s fast-paced world, consumers are increasingly seeking convenient and quick solutions to maintain their energy levels. With rising temperatures, the need for instant energy and hydration on-the-go has never been greater. Consumer trends indicate a growing preference for ready-to-drink beverages, especially among youth and young professionals who prioritize an active lifestyle.

The ready-to-drink glucose category is evolving rapidly to meet these demands, offering innovative products that not only deliver immediate energy boosts but also come fortified with essential nutrients, making them the perfect ally for combating fatigue and staying refreshed throughout the day.

Recognizing this trend to cater to the growing demand for on-the-go energy solutions, Dabur GlucoPlus-C, a dominant player in glucose category, has expanded its portfolio and entered the ready-to-drink glucose category with the launch of ‘Dabur GlucoPlus-C Instant Energy Drink’ in a PET bottle, in a tasty tangy orange variant.

Prashant Agarwal, Marketing Head- Health Supplements, Dabur India Ltd said, “We have expanded our GlucoPlus-C portfolio with the launch of ‘Dabur GlucoPlus-C Instant energy Drink.’ This new, innovative instant energy drink marks our entry into the ready-to-drink glucose segment, providing consumers, with a dose of glucose, vitamin C, Iron & the benefits of real orange juice.”

Prashant Agarwal added, “The introduction of ‘Dabur GlucoPlus-C Instant Drink’ demonstrates our commitment to offering unique experiences to consumers with this one-of-a-kind glucose energy drink.”

Rajiv Ranjan, Business Head-East, Dabur India Ltd, said, “We are excited to offer something new to our consumers with the launch of ‘Dabur GlucoPlus-C, Instant energy Drink.’ Enriched with glucose, vitamin C, and iron, ‘Dabur GlucoPlus-C Instant energy Drink’ provides an immediate source of energy to combat tiredness.”

Rajiv Ranjan added, “In addition to promoting quick recovery from energy loss due to fatigue, it also supplies the nutrients of real orange juice, helping refresh and energize you to fight tiredness and exhaustion caused by summer heat. It serves as an on-the-go orange flavored glucose drink for energy recharge during extreme heat and humidity.”

Priced at just Rs. 10 for a 160 ml PET bottle, ‘Dabur GlucoPlus-C Instant Drink’ has been launched in West Bengal and Odisha across retail outlets.

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