BLS International announces its strategic partnership with PSB Alliance

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Kolkata: BLS International, a trusted global tech-enabled services partner, announced its strategic partnership with PSB Alliance, a prominent company formed by Public Sector Banks (PSBs) in India, according to a press release.

The partnership aims to reshape the banking experience by introducing advanced Doorstep Banking Services (DSB) through a widespread network across the nation. The initial rollout will encompass 58 cities, with plans for a seamless expansion to all regions, guaranteeing nationwide access to convenient Doorstep Banking Services (DSB) for all customers.

This transformative step comes at a crucial juncture when the banking sector is evolving rapidly, driven by technological advancements and changing customer preferences. Under the terms of a 3-year contract, BLS International will offer all basic banking services along with the assistance of service providers in the selected 100 centers.

The initiative will leverage BLS International’s expertise and cutting-edge technology to facilitate Doorstep Banking Services for PSBs. The partnership is further projected to cater to an estimated customer transaction count of 11.7 million, encompassing regions in the North, West, East & North East, in rural & semi-urban areas, as well as metro & urban centers.

Shikhar Aggarwal, Joint Managing Director of BLS International, said, “This collaboration is expected to bring about a paradigm shift in the way banking services are availed in the country. The partnership between BLS International and PSB Alliance reflects a commitment to stay at the forefront of this transformation and offer cutting-edge services that meet the needs of today’s tech-savvy and diverse customer base.”

Shikhar Aggarwal said, “The Doorstep Banking Services will not only enhance customer convenience but also align with the nation’s vision of promoting financial inclusion. With this partnership, we are committed to driving a positive change in the industry and contributing to the nation’s progress by leveraging our combined expertise and resources.’’

The strategic partnership is committed to elevating customer experience and accessibility to all the 12 Public Sector Banks under the PSB Alliance. The introduction of Doorstep Banking Services is poised to empower customers, especially those in remote areas, by providing them with convenient and personalized banking solutions at their doorstep.

BLS International is dedicated to providing government-to-customer and Business–to customer services through Common Service Centres (CSC). Embracing digitalization, BLS International ensures prompt service delivery, saving citizens time and effort. The CSC Centres act as channels for diverse public services from different government departments. Through BLS International, citizens experience an era of efficient, transparent, and effective governance.

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